About Eaton Equestrian Centre

Britta and Dana Eaton have always been involved in the business growing up, In 1997 they turned professional and helped Julie run Eaton Equestrian Centre.  After Julie's passing in 2012 Britta and Dana have continued to run the business.  Britta runs the school horse lesson program and instills the basics in riders. Although she teaches all, she excels in teaching children.  Which is good as it turns out Dana has a knack for teaching adults, of understanding the complexities of riding while having so many other responsibilities.  EEC is very fortunate as they both complement each other in their strengths, but the core of Julie's teachings run through all of EEC. 

EEC started with a dream and a purpose. Julie A Eaton started riding in the mid 70s, while she was a mother and pastel artist.  However, in 1983, newly divorced and needing a business where she could be home to take care of her 2 daughters, she started Eaton Equestrian Centre.  She was a self taught rider, but privileged enough to work with Erich Bubbel and Victor Hugo Vidal (among others) who formed the core of Eaton Equestrian Centre, LLC today.  EEC teaches riding, but also teaches horsemanship, and the importance of listening to your horse. Our goal is having this sport accessible for all different levels, riding abilities, and financial means.   From once a week lessons, to owning and showing your horse, we can help you.