Our Services

Believe It or Not

Eaton Equestrian Centre, LLC offers our Clients a wide range of Services, including Riding Lessons on our School Horses or your own Horse, Local and National Horse Showing, Full-Service Stabling, and Horse Training. Our School has a friendly, inviting atmosphere for Riders of all ages, and we are committed to developing Riders that understand basic Horsemanship.

We also offer trailering to our Clients, whether they are headed to Competitions or Trail Riding.

Although many of our Clients Stable or take Regular Lessons with us, we welcome Clients who are looking for flexible options. If you regularly ride at home but would like additional assistance at Competitions, we can arrange to meet with you at the Show Grounds and assist you and your horse during the Show. Contact Us and let us know your particular situation, and we’ll help work out a solution!